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VATS Bypass – Easy Way To Bypass V.A.T.S System A 90’s GM Anti Theft System

How To Bypass VATS System Keys.

Hi there guys! Today i’m gonna talk about VATS System Keys And VATS bypass Options, but in the most part i will talk about the vats bypass module. We all remember these great 90’s cars like the Pontiac Firebird or the Chevy Camaro. Some of us still own and look after these cars today. As a locksmith on the field i see a lot of the vATS system cars still running around. Therefore i make keys for many of them. Although in some cases the key is not the problem but the 90’s GM anti theft protection system that is called V.A.T.S.  Hence our topic today is how to do a VATS bypass.

Most important is that this VATS bypass option is usually way cheaper then the ignition replacement option. Also you will never feel the difference in any way, because it doesn’t affect the driving or the starting of the car in any way.

VATS Bypass - Vats System Keys - 90s GM Anti Theft System

Let’s Begin With Our VATS Bypass Process.


The first and my personal favorite ( also the easiest way ) is by using the GATOR TOOLS VATS BYPASS MODULE. Why? Because their vats bypass module is equipped with the easy plug and dip switches for fast and convenient use. This vats bypass module was designed for those time when the vats ignition lock fails do to the wires breaking of in the steering column. Also great if you have decided to eliminate the original GM Anti Theft System or you just don’t want spend crazy amount on a new ignition lock.

Basically what it does is redirects the signal that was coming from the vats key to the ECU.Therefore provides that signal in a continuous way from the VATS bypass module instead of the key. This VATS bypass module has all of the 15 vats values built into it, most of all the vats value is being set by a dip switch.

VATS Bypass Module By Gator Tools

How Do I Install This Module?

Guys the installation of this module takes 5 minutes if you follow this steps. First take the vats bypass module and get it out of the box! ( just kidding ). Because we all do that even before we get to the installation process because we are curious creatures. Let’s continue:

  1. first you will remove the dash cover underneath the steering column and all of the wiring will be visible for us to work on. In some cases there may be another soft plastic cover above the pedals. Yes we will remove that too.
  2. Second with the help of a flashlight we need to locate the connection of the UCU and the cable from the ignition lock. It’s really easy to spot because it is bright orange color. After we have located that bright orange color white follow it all the way to the connector and disconnect it.
  3. Third we will take the VATS bypass module and connect it directly into the ECU. Also it is very simple because of the fast connectors you have on the vats bypass module. Before you connect the Vats bypass module you will need to the determine the vats number or ( value ) of the key. After you will do so just set the value on the dip switches in the VATS bypass module. After you have connected and set all the switches you can now start the car to check if it works.

For part 3 DETERMINE THE NUMBER OF THE VATS. You can go to a locksmith shop for them to tell you or use a VOLTMETER to determine the value by the OHM’S RESISTANCE. You can follow the chart to determine the VATS bypass number you should use by the value of the ohm’s.

VATS Bypass Chart By The Value Of The OHM'S Resistance


That is it guys we have just solved a problem with the starting of the car and saved a bunch of money and time. Because this module costs around 40$. Therefore instead of replacing the ignition and removing the steering wheel. Don’t even mention the running of the wires. Now we have successfully and in a minimum amount of time fixed the VATS Bypass problem. Also folks if you feel that you may not be able to handle this by yourself. You are more then welcome to call us and we will do the vats bypass for you. Because cheap locksmith houston techs have vast experience in doing the vats bypass in many ways. So if you feel the need for assistance we can always help you. Therefore give us a call today at. (713) 322-0009.

Program Car Homelink To Your Garage Door Opener

How To Program Car Homelink To Garage Door Opener? (713) 322-0009.

Hi there! The following explanation on How To Program Car Homelink to Garage Door Opener is provided to you by cheap locksmith houston. Many of today’s cars are equipped with something that called homelink. Therefore we get a lot of questions on How To Program Car Homelink to Open My Garage Door Opener. Hence we decided to provide a brief explanation on How To Program Car Homelink To Open Your Garage Door Opener instead of digging thru the owner’s manual. We have a fast and simple explanat on how to Program Car Homelink to your garage.

How To Program Car Homelink To Your Garage Door Opener Fast- Let’s Start!

Program Car Homelink Step 1.

If your car is preowned then you will start with clearing the memory of the homelink ( 3 buttons that are located on the visor usually ). What you will do is you will hold the number 1 & 3 buttons on the homelink until the indicator light ( located next or underneath the buttons ) will start flashing rapidly.

Now We Can Start The Program Car Homelink Procedure – Step 2.

Then you will take a programmed remote that you are using to open the garage door usually. Next, you will hold the remote at about 2-3 inches from the rear view mirror. Atter press simultaneously the button on the remote and one of the buttons on the homelink. Most of all start that procedure while the garage door is in closed position. Because in the next step you will have 30 seconds to press the learning button on the garage door opener.

Final Step To Program Car Homelink – Step 3.

Also very important for the next step to locate the learning button beforehand. Because you will have 30 seconds to complete the process. Hence you will press both of the buttons ( on homelink and the remote control ) until the homelink light starts flashing rapidly. At that point you will let go of the buttons completely. Next you will run inside the garage and press the learning button on your garage door opener. Next you will run back into the car and press and hold the chosen homelink button until the garage door starts moving.

This is all it takes to program your car to your garage opener. This is the fastest way to Program Car Homelink to your garage door opener. Also very important to mention is that in some cars you will need to use a homelink repeater to match the frequency of the car to the opener. Also if you are not sure if you can Program Car Homelink call us. Because cheap locksmith houston can help in Program Car Homelink to your garage door opener.

Program Car Homelink To Your Garage Door - Presented By Cheap Locksmith Houston

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